Work Experience

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Verto Fx,United Kingdom
Fullstack Web Developer,May 2022 — Present
  • Supervising development on the website.
  • Building features and improving platform performance.
Buildspace Africa,Nigeria
Volunteer,January 2022 — Present
  • Actively building a Web3 Community in Africa with the Buildspace Team.
Blockchain Hub Africa,Nigeria
Assistant C.T.O,July 2021 — Present
  • Building Web3 Solutions and startups in Africa.
  • Supervising core development and processes across all applications
Mojay Global Holding Limited,Dubai
Software developer,May 2021 — November 2021
  • Leading a team of developers and designers to develop websites and applications for the company and it's many businesses.
  • Working to rebuild the company brand Identity.
Genesys Tech Hub,Nigeria
Software developer,July 2020 — November 2021
  • Supervising a sub-team of developers to deliver products and APIs.
  • Developing websites for startups and businesses that are incubated by the company.
  • Revamping and upgrading existing products, websites and applications to embrace modern trends.

Freelance Software developer,July 2020 — Present
  • Developing websites for businesses and companies
  • Fixing bugs, and solving problems for happy clients.
  • Improving user experience on applications for interested clients

Oluaka Institute,Nigeria
Junior Fullstack developer,June 2018 — June 2020
  • Developed websites to raise revenue for the company.
  • Worked with a team to build and maintain websites and applications for the Imo State Government